RMSA (Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan)

Smagra Shiksha (Secondary) – Salem District

 The Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan is a flagship scheme of Government of India, launched in March, 2009, to enhance access to secondary education and improve its quality.


  • The scheme envisages to achieve a gross enrolment ratio of 75% from 52.26% in 2005-06 for classes IX-X within 5 years of its implementation, by providing a secondary school within reasonable distance of any habitation.
  • Improve the quality of education imparted at secondary level by making all secondary schools conform to prescribed norms.
  • Remove gender, socio-economic and disability barriers.
  • Provide universal access to secondary level education by 2017, i.e. by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan
  • Enhance and universalize retention by 2020

Physical Facilities

  • Additional class rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Libraries
  • Art and crafts room
  • Toilet blocks
  • Drinking water provisions
  • Residential Hostels for Teachers in remote areas.

Quality Interventions

  • Appointment of additional teachers to reduce PTR to 30:1
  • Focus on Science, Math and English education
  • In-service training of teachers
  • Science laboratories
  • ICT enabled education
  • Curriculum reforms; and
  • Teaching learning reforms.

 Composite School Grant (Secondary):

  • Composite school grant is given for school needs, teaching learning material, drinking water facility, electricity and for minor repairs in the school buildings.
Sl. No Students Strength School Grant

(in Rupees)

No. of Schools Total Amount
1 1-15 12500
2 16-100 25000 20 500000
3 101- 250 50000 83 4150000
4 251-1000 75000 155 11625000
5 1000 above 100000 33 3300000
Total 291 19575000

In Service Training:

PG Teachers Training:

  • 1684 PG Teachers were given 7 days training at an expense of Rs.6.736 lakhs in 2019-20.


1 Tamil 198
2 English 224
3 Maths 228
4 Physics 217
5 Chemistry 217
6 Botany 122
7 Zoology 82
8 Accountancy 134
9 Economics 100
10 History 74
11 Computer Science 88
Total 1684

 BT Teachers Training:

  • 2653 BT Teachers were given 7 days training at an expense of Rs.15.910 lakhs in 2019-20.
SL. NO Subject wise Teachers No of Bt


1 Tamil 485
2 English 436
3 Maths 685
4 Science 658
5 Social Science 389
Total 2653

School Leadership Development Programme (SLDP)

  • 33 School Headmasters were given 5 days SLDP training at an expense of Rs.0.343 lakhs in 2019-20.  
SL. NO Name of the  Training NO OF

Head Master

Amount Utilized
1 SLDP 33 0.343



 The Model School scheme aims to provide quality education to talented rural children through setting up of 12 model schools at the rate of one school per EBB block as benchmark of excellence. The scheme has the following objectives:

  • To have at least one good quality senior secondary school in every block.
  • To have a pace setting role
  • To try out innovative curriculum and pedagogy
  • To be a model in infrastructure, curriculum, evaluation and school governance


Sl. No Name of the  Block Name of the Model School Amount Utilized for Construction of

Building (in lakhs)

1 Konganapuram Model School, Konganapuram 293.00
2 Edappady Model School, Edappady 290.90
3 Kadayampatty Model School, Kadayampatty 282.00
4 Nagavalli Model School, Nagavalli 459.11
5 Pethanaickenpalayam Model School, Pethanaickenpalayam 464.40
6 Magudanchavadi Model School,Magudanchavadi 463.69
7 Yercaud Model School, Yercaud 563.14
8 Sankari Model School, Sankari 484.31
9 Veerapandi Model School,Veerapandi 484.12
10 Kolathur Model School, Kolathur 488.57
11 Panamarathupatty Model School, Panamarathupatty 485.60
12 Tharamangalam Model School, Tharamangalam 483.72




This is a new Centrally Sponsored Scheme launched in 2008-09 and is being implemented from 2009-10 to set up a 100-bedded Girls’ Hostel in each of 3479 Educationally Backward Blocks (EBBs) in the country. The Scheme has replaced the earlier NGO driven Scheme for construction and running of Girls’ Hostels for Students

of Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, under which assistance was provided to voluntary organizations for running Girls’ Hostels.


The main objective of the Scheme is to retain the girl child in secondary school so that girl students are not denied the opportunity to continue their study due to distance to school, parents’ financial affordability and other connected societal factors. Another objective of the Scheme is to make Secondary and Senior Secondary education accessible to a larger number of girl students.

Target Group

The girl students in the age group of 14-18 yrs. studying in classes IX and XII belonging to SC, ST, OBC, Minority communities and BPL families will form the target group of the Scheme. Students passing out of KGBV will be given preference in admission in hostels. At least 50% of girls admitted will be from SC, ST, OBC and Minority communities.

Financial Norms

S. No. Item Rs. in lakhs
Non recurring grant
1 Construction of building including 2 room accommodation

for warden

State schedule of rates to be used

as per specified detailed norms for

a 100-bedded hostel.

2 Boundary wall
3 Boring Hand Pump (minimum rates prescribed by State

Drinking Water department subject to a ceiling of Rs. 1.00 laks)

4 Electricity
5 Furniture and equipment including kitchen equipments 6.91
6 Bedding etc 0.75
Recurring Grant
7 Food/Lodging Expenditure per girl child @ Rs. 1500 per month 18.00
8 Honorarium of warden @ Rs. 5,000 per month (in addition to her salary as teacher) 0.60
9 Chowkidar @ Rs. 3,000 per month 0.36
10 1 Head Cook (@ Rs. 3,000 per month) and 2 Astt. Cook (@ Rs. 2,500 per month) 0.96
11 Electricity/Water per year 0.60
12 Maintenance per year 0.40
13 Medical care@ Rs. 750 per year per girl 0.75
14 Toiletries and sanitation @ Rs. 100 per month for each girl 1.20
15 News paper/ magazines and sports @ Rs. 2,000 per month 0.24
16 Miscellaneous 0.40


Sl. No Name of the  Block Name of the Girls Hostel Amount Utilized for Construction of

Building (in lakhs)

1 Konganapuram Girls Hostel, Konganapuram 235.00
2 Edappady Girls Hostel, Edappady 235.00
3 Kadayampatty Girls Hostel, Kadayampatty 235.00
4 Nagavalli Girls Hostel, Nagavalli 235.00
5 Pethanaickenpalayam Girls Hostel, Pethanaickenpalayam 235.00
6 Magudanchavadi Girls Hostel,Magudanchavadi 235.00
7 Yercaud Girls Hostel, Yercaud 266.36
8 Sankari Girls Hostel, Sankari 235.00
9 Veerapandi Girls Hostel,Veerapandi 235.00
10 Kolathur Girls Hostel, Kolathur 235.00
11 Panamarathupatty Girls Hostel, Panamarathupatty 235.00
12 Tharamangalam Girls Hostel, Tharamangalam 235.00




The Centrally Sponsored IEDSS Scheme aims to enable all students with disabilities completing eight years of elementary schooling an opportunity to complete four years of secondary schooling (classes IX to XII) in an inclusive and enabling environment.

To provide educational opportunities and facilities to students with disabilities in the general education system at the secondary level

To support the training of general school teachers to meet the needs of children with disabilities at the secondary level.


  • Every child with disability will be identified at the secondary level and his educational need assessed
  • Every student in need of aids and appliances, assistive devices will be provided the same.
  • All architectural barriers in schools are removed so that students with disability have access to classrooms, laboratories, libraries and toilets in the school.
  • Each student with disability will be supplied learning material as per her requirement .
  • Students with disabilities will have access to support services like the appointment of special educators, establishment of resource rooms in every block
  • Model schools are set up in every state to develop good replicable practice in inclusive education
Sl. No Name of the Project No. of Benefits Expenditure Up to


1 Environment building Programme 21 105000
2 Salary (Previous. Educator) 7 2163333
3 Helper/Ayas/Attendant 21 63000
4 Identification and assessment (Medical Camp) 21 52500
5 Escot Allowance 90 135000
6 Reader Allowance 33 16500
7 Stipend for Girls 368 736000
8 Transport Allowance 697 1045500
9 IEDSS Teachers Training 70 8100
10 IEDSS Students Sports 21 147000
Total for Recurring 1349 4471933