Animal Husbandry



Live Stock Census –


Cattle 611161
Buffalo 46420
Sheep 337733
Goat 557541
Pig 7622
Dog 101217
Horse 140
Donkey 38
Commercial Layer 3838799
Commercial Broiler 1285325
Desibird 1111120


Veterinary Institutions in Salem- 

Veterinary Sub Centres 9
Veterinary Dispensaries 149
Mobile Veterinary Dispensaries 6
Veterinary Hospitals 7
Veterinary Polyclinic 1
Animal Disease Intelligence Unit 1

In Veterinary Institutions treatment, Artificial insemination to Cattle and Buffalo, Deworming, Infertility care treatment  and other welfare schemes are being carried out.

Vaccination Work:-

Raniket Disease Vaccination to Poultry, every Saturday in Institutions

Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccination to Cattle and Buffalo in  National Animal Disease Control Programme

Anthrax, Black Quarter, Hemorrhagic Septicemia  Vaccination to  cattle in Endemic Areas in ASCAD  Scheme

Sheep Pox &  Enterotoxaemia Vaccines in ASCAD Scheme

PPR Vaccine for Sheep & Goat in PPRCP Scheme

Other Schemes:-

Free Artificial insemination to Cattle & Buffalo  in NAIP Scheme  (National Artificial Insemination Programme)

Genetic  improvement of Mechery Sheep Schemes

TNIAM Project:-

In Tamil Nadu Irrigation and Agricultural Modernization Project the villages in following Sub Basin areas are benefited.

  1. Mettur Noyal Sub basin Area:-
Sl.No. Veterinary Dispensary Village
1 Tharamangalam Tharamangalam
2 Mallikuntham Mallikuntham
3 Vellar Thethithigiripatty
4 Kuttappatty Virudasampati
5 K.N.Pudur Veppilai – Sekkarapatti
6 Danishpet Danishpet
7 Poosaripatty Dasamudram, Dharapuram
8 Chinathanda Elakkampatty
  1. II) Thirumanimutharu Sub basin Area:-
Sl.No Veterinary Dispensary Village
1 D.Perumapalayam Karpagam
2 Veeranam M.Palapatti
3 Kootathupatty Palapatti
4 Karipatty Chinna koundapuram
5 Ayothyapatinam Ayothyapatinam
6 Poolavari Poolavari
7 Poolavari Veerapandi
8 Kadathur Inambairoji
9 Uttamasolapuram Puthur
10 Attayampatty Chennagiri
11 Attayampatty Papparapatty
12 Seelanaickenpatty Annathanapatty
13 Mallur Vengampatty

Activities of Scheme:-

1. Mineral Mixture

2.Infertility Care treatment to cattle & Buffalo

 → 3.Udder disease Management

Livestock Insurance Scheme:-

Insurance to Cattle and Buffalo:-

One Year Premium   (Death & PTD)         –          1.7%

(PTD-Permanent   Total Disability)

Three year Insurance (Death Coverage)   –          3.8%

Three year Insurance (Death & PTD)       –           4.3%

Subsidy:- Above Poverty line (APL)         –           50%

Below Poverty Line (BPL)                         –           70%


1.Cattle and Buffalo            –           Once Calved

2.Age                                      –           2 ½ – 8 years

3.Maximum 5 cattle to a farmer

4.Maximum Sum Insured   –           Rs.35,000/-

If the animal is insured above Rs.35,000/-. excess premium amount is to be paid by farmer and subsidy is not allowed for the excess amount.

Mobile Veterinary Ambulance:-

For emergency cases at the farmers door steps – Toll free number-1962