About Poompuhar :-

The Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation (TNHDC) was set up in 1973 by the Government of Tamil Nadu. “Poompuhar” , the brand name of TNHDC and unique handicraft store that echos the crafts of Tamil Nadu.

The main objective of the Corporation is to preserve the ancient crafts of Tamil Nadu and uplifting the standard of living of the craftsmen by providing marketing assistance to the artisans of the state. Also upgrade the skills of artisans by imparting appropriate training. We encourage innovation in design & provide socio-economic security for the craftsmen.

Poompuhar’s  7 production facilities supply art objects which are marketed through 12 Showrooms spread throughout country.

Poompuhar takes pride and responsibility of keeping our tradition and culture live by encouraging the traditional craftsperson and passing the craft making knowledge and workmanship technique to the next generation by giving training programs and various welfare schemes and awards to them.


Note on Thammampatti Wood Carvings

Thammampatti wood carvings which is Signature Artwork of Artisans in Salem Region, it become Tamil Nadu’s 36th Geographical Indication (GI) product. It has been thriving in Salem area for more than 75 years. ThammampattiShriUgraKathali Lakshmi NarashimhaSwamy’s temple Car was made by them in 1948.

Thammampatti wood carvingsrefers to various types of wood carvings, practiced by one of the highly skilled community of craftsmen on wood which is locally available in & around Thammampatti. Samaneasaman (rain tree wood), country wood, vaagai (AlbizziaLebbek), Mavilangai (CrataeveRoxbyrch), and Atti (FicusGlometrea) are predominantly used by the sculptors.

The artisans are skilled in this particular craft and this art is traditionally and hereditarily transferred from their forefathers.

Thammampatti wood carvings that are predominantly made by the people of that region, encompass a wide variety of motifs that are traditionally followed by their forefathers and the skill of intricate technical knowledge is passed down to this present generations of wood carvers by legacy.

Thammampatti wood carving encompasses a wide variety of motifs, designs that are derived from architectural details of temples or heritage. The main product range includes idols of Hindu gods, mythological events or stories, Dasavataras, Vahanas of various sizes, mythological creatures, door panels, temple doors, puja mandapam, temple cars etc. The size of the friezes or tablets vary from 2 ft. to 6 feet in length and of proportionate width with an antique finish.

The wood used to make such products includes Thoongavagai (Samaneasaman/ rain tree), vaagai (AlbizziaLebbek), Mavilangai (CrataeveRoxburch), Atti (Ficusracemosa), Pterocarpusmarsupium (Indian Kino). The rain tree wood found in agricultural lands tends to be in golden to dark brown color. It is durable and has medium to fine texture. The vaagaitree is moisture tender, it has a good natural lustre with a fine texture. The Mavilangaitree is a wild or cultivated tree which is wide spread in Thammampatti region and occurs on glades and near rivers and lakes. The Attitree is a large deciduous tree, grows to a height of 7-10 metres. It has smooth white bark which is best suited for ornamental purpose. Even Teak & rosewood is used making of door or doorpanels.

The wood carving craft practiced by these craftsmen is specific to the rules and measurements of iconography defined in ‘Shilpashastra’. “Thammampatti” wood carvers are experts in working out geometric proportions and scale of detailing required for carvings especially chariots. The wood carving craft practiced by these craftsmen is characteristic to the rules and measurements of iconography described in ‘Shilpashastra’.

The process of wood carving is environment friendly with minimum exposure to chemicals. Seasoning of wood is done naturally by exposing it to different climatic conditions, i.e. process is natural and is not developed under regulated conditions.

The wood carving in Thammampatti is not only beautiful and different but also has a human touch which is passed down the generations.

Thammampatti is located in GangavalliTaluk of Salem District between Pachaimalai and Kollihills in Tamil Nadu. It is situated at the banks of Swedhariver. It is 63.4 KM from the Salem, city.



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