Co-operation , Food and Consumer Protection

I) Details about Office:

The office of the Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Salem Region is a district level office functioning under the Control of Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Chennai. The Joint Registrar’s office is located in the Salem District Collectorate Campus at Room No.410 in fourth floor. The offices of the circle Deputy Registrars of Cooperative Societies functioning in the Salem District are Salem, Attur, Omalur and Sankari Circles. They are functioning are under the control of the Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies. The office of the Deputy Registrar (PDS) also functioning at room no.308 in third floor of the Salem Collectorate under the control of the Joint Registrar.

II) Details of the societies functioining in the Salem District under the control of the Cooperative Department

S. No Type of Societies Salem Circle Attur Circle Omalur Circle Sankari Circle Total
1 District Central Cooperative Bank 1 1
2 District Consumer Cooperative Wholesale Stores 1 1
3 District Cooperative Union 1 1
4 District Cooperative Press 1 1
5 Primary Agricultural and Rural Development Bank 1 1 3 1 6
6 Urban Cooperative Bank 4 1 2 1 8
7 Urban Cooperative Credit Society 4 1 5
8 Agricultural Producers’ Cooperative Marketing Society 1 1 2
9 Largescale Multipurpose Cooperative Society 2 3 5
10 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Society 51 55 61 36 203
11 Employes Cooperative Credit and Thrift Society 65 7 21 6 99
12 Primary Cooperative Stores 2 1 2 5
13 Employees Cooperative Stores 4 5 1 10
14 Land Colonisation Cooperative Society 1 1 2
15 Lift Irrigation Cooperative Society 1 1
16 Student Cooperative Stores 5 4 2 11
TOTAL 144 74 95 48 361

Details of the Loans Provided by the District Central Cooperative Bank and Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies

Serial No. Type of the Loan
1 Crop Loan
2 Jewel Mortgage Loan
3 Agri Joint Liability Group Loan
4 Medium Term Loan (Under Personal Surety)
5 Medium Term Loan based on Mortgage – Small Size Diary (1+5), Poultry, Tractor.
6 Small Irrigation Loan – Borewell, Motor, Drip Irrigation, Wall for the Borewell.
7 Loan for the Physically Challenged.
8 Self Help Group Loans based on savings
9 TABCEDCO LOAN(Backward Class)
10 TAMCO LOAN (Minorities)

Details of the Loans Provided by the Urban Cooperative Bank

Serial No. Type of the Loan
1 Jewel Loan
2 Small Scale Trade Loan
3 Self Help Group Loan
4 Non Farm Sector Loan
5 House Construction Loan
6 House Mortgage Loan
7 Loan for the Entrepreneurs
8 Amma Petty Traders Loan
9 Women Entrepreneur Loan
10 Loan for the Working Women
11 Maternity Loan
14 Loan for the Physically Challenged


Salem District Public Distribution System is functioning accordingly to the rules and regulations of Tamil Nadu Security Rules.

The Aim of this Rule is to Supply Essential Commodities like Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Kerosene, Dhall and Oil through Fair Price Shop.


To Protect poor and Below Poverty Line (BPL) people fro the like of price of essential.

By providing the essential Commodities to poor and especially hill tribes, the deficiency in physical structure can be reduced.

The like in price in the commodities of Dhall and Oil can be controlled.

Kerosene and Gas cylinder can be supplied through subsidy rate.

The Family Card Holders can approach the near by Fair Price Shop and can get the essential commodities.

This Scheme provides timely supply of essential commodities in each month to the family card holders.

The Salem District supply and Consumer Protection Office is functioning under the control of the District Collector, Salem.

The application for getting smart card through website has been scrutinized by the staff of TalukSupply and Consumer Protection Officers and after inspection smart card is issued through Fair Price Shop.


The problems of consumers can be solved under consumer Protection Act 1986.

The illegal Business and Protection of Commodities will be solved through quality checking and through consumer Court.

The awareness for consumers have been made through college and Government High School students by conducting performances by Voluntary consumer organization maintained by Salem Collector Office.