Salem District was formed on 1772. Salem District is situated between 11  14’ and 12  53’ in North Latitude between 77 44’  and 78 50’  in East longitude and bounded on  North by Dharmapuri District, South by Trichy and Namakkal District, East by Villupuram and Perambalur Districts and West by Erode District and KarnatakaState.

Our District is having 4 Revenue Divisions, 13 Taluks, 1 Corporation, 4 Municipalities, 33 Town Panchayats and 20 Blocks. From Election point of view we are having 11 Assembly Constituencies with 2 Assembly Constituencies reserved for SC, 1 Assembly Constituency reserved for ST and the remaining 8 Assembly Constituencies are General. In Salem District there are 5 EROs and 19 AEROs.

In Salem District there are 3241 polling stations. 3241 Booth Level Officers have been appointed by the District administration. There are 1104 Designated Locations