Department for the Welfare of the Differently Abled Persons

District Differently abled welfare office

Room no 11, Collectorate, Salem

Phone no: 0427 – 2415242

Schemes for the Differently Abled Persons

List of Schemes
Sno. Scheme Name
1. Identification
2. Early intervention centre
3. Special education
4. Training and employment
5. Educational And Employment Reservation
6. Maintenanace allowance
7. Marriage assistance
8. Homes
9. Travel concession to the differently abled persons
10. Other schemes
11. Tamilnadu differently abled welfare board schemes


S.No Scheme Application  / Where & How to apply
1 National Identity card for the Differently abled persons with Disability Certificate
Disability Certificate will be issued to those who have morethen 40% Disability and Differently Abled Welfare Board Certifficate will be issued to the above age of 10 years.
Required documents : 4 Pass port size photos , copy of Aadhar and Ration card.
2 Unique Identity Card For the Differently abled Persons (UDID)
Required Documents; Disablity Certificate, Adhar Card, Passport Size Photo to be apply online in the given website.
Further details contact District Differently Abled Welfare Officer, Salem
3 Types of differently abled persons
1. Blindness 2.Low vision 3.hearing Impairment 4.Locomotor disability 5.Leprosy cured 6.Dwarfism 7.Intelletually disabled 8. Mental illness 9.Spectrum Disorder – Autism 10.Celebral palsy 11. Muscular dystrophy 12.Acid attacked victim 13.Learning disabilities 14.parkinson;s disease 15. hemophilia 16.Thalassemia 17.Sickle cell disease 18. speech and language disability 19. Multiple sclerosis 20. Multiple disability 21.Hard of Hearing. 22. Multiple Disability
 Early intervention centre
1 Early Intervention Centre for Infants and young  children with  Hearing  Impairment
Salem rehabilitation centre , Corporation elementary school campus, Arunasalam Asari street , Salem. Ph : 9944971775.
DDAWO office, Salem
2 Early Intervention Centre for the  Intellectual Disabled  Children
Csi bala gnar illam, Hasthampatty, Salem. ph 0427 2317446, 9698986460.
DDAWO office, Salem
3 Early Intervention Centre for Children with Autism Spectrum disorder
Ecomwel orthopaedic centre Campus,  Near RC church ,Tharamangalam, Salem.
Ph 9443251703.
DDAWO office, Salem
4 Early Diagnosis   and intervention for  Children with Hearing Impairment  Assesment will be done on every Friday  at  District Differently Abled Welfare Office, Room no 11, collectorate, Salem. DDAWO office, Salem
Special education
1 Scholarship ( 1st std to 8th std  students ) from Rs.1000 to Rs.3000 Application
2 Scholarship ( 9th std to 12 std and ITI)  Rs.4000 Application
3. Scholarship ( Graduation and Post Graduation students)  Rs.6000 to Rs.7000 Application
4 Readers allowance to visually impaired persons  (9th Std to Post Graduation)   Rs.3000 to Rs.6000 Above Application
5 Government of India scholarship ( 9th std to Ph.d Students)   Rs.7000 to Rs.1,00,000/- to be apply by online.
6 Degree courses for the hearing  impaired students
B.Com and B.C.A. degree courses are run by presidency college , Chennai.
DDAWO office, Salem
7 Assistance to law graduates  Rs.10000 for purchase of books Application
8 Cash incentive scheme to prevent dropouts from schools ( Government high school for hearing impaired  Suramangalam Salem). DDAWO office, Salem
9 Supply of Braille books to visually impaired students  (Govt. Special school for visullay Impaired,  Sevvaipettai Salem). DDAWO office, Salem
10. Salary grant to special educators  and physiotherapist  to the government recognized Special Schools after completion of 5 years of recognition. DDAWO office, Salem
Training and employment 
1 Training on Multimedia, photography and Editing  at National  Film Development Corporation, Egmore, Chennai.
Phone No.  044 28191203,   044 28192506
DDAWO office, Salem
2 Fitter training to Speech and Hearing  impaired persons
will be given in Government Industrtial  Training Institute, Guindy, Chennai Ulundurpet and Nagerkovil
3 Unemployment allowance to the differently  abled  persons  Rs.600 to Rs.1000 per month
18  years and after  1 year  completion registration  will be given
Contact : Deputy Director, District Employment office, Gorimedu, Salem
Phone number 0427-2401750
4 Self  employment Three fourth subsidy  and maximum off  Rs.25000  recommended to nationalized banks up to 45 years. Application
5 Motorized sewing machines to Locomator differently abled, Hearing impaired, Mild intellectual disabled  and Parents of  75% severely   affected intellectually disabled persons. Application
6 Without Interest   Loan assistance from National Handicapped  Finance and Development  Corporation (NHFDC) through District Central  co-operative bank, Salem, Urban and  Rural Cooperative Banks. Application
7 Skill training
8 Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Programme (UYEGP) through District industrial centre. 30% subsidy given to the differently abled
For more information : Manager, District Industrial Centre, 5 Roads, SIDCO Industrial Estate , Salem .  Ph no.  0427 2448505 / UYEGP
9 Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP)  through District Industrial centre, Salem. 30% to 40% subsidy given to the differently abled.
For more information : Manager, District Industrial Centre, 5 Roads, SIDCO Industrial Estate , Salem.Ph no.  0427 2448505 pmegpeportal
10 Training on book binding  to  visually impaired at Govt. school for Visually challenged , Poonthamalli, Chennai. Ph no.044 26272080 DDAWO office, Salem
11 Rs.50,000  subsidy and deposit for starting of Aavin milk  outlets for the differently abled Application
Educational And Employment Reservation
1 5% Reservation in educational institutions and in  employment DDAWO office, salem
2 Financial assistance to differently abled persons to appear in main examination conducted by upsc / tnpsc Group-I DDAWO office , salem
3 4% Reservation in government, government under taking and Govt. aided institutions DDAWO office, salem
Aids and Appliances  for Differently Abled persons
1 Tricycle Application
2 Wheel chairs Application
3 Calipers and crutches Application
4 Artificial limbs Application
5 Modular artificial limbs Application
6 Special wheel chairs for cerebral palsied  persons Application
7 Goggles Application
8 Retrofitted petrol scooters Application
9 Battery operated wheel chairs Application
10 Special spectacles in Black colour Application
11 Braille watches Application
12 Magnifier for visually impaired students Application
13 Reflecting folding sticks / smart cane Application
14 Special  hearing  aids Application
15 Mobile therapy unit DDAWO office, Salem
Maintenanace allowance 
1 Maintenance allowance to 40% and above intellectual disabled  persons Rs. 1500/- Application
2 Maintenance allowance to 75% and above  severely disabled persons Rs.1500/- Application
3 Maintenance allowance for persons affected 40% and above with muscular dystrophy Rs. 1500/- Application
4 Maintenance allowance for 40% and above leprosy cured persons Rs.1500/- Application
Marriage assistance
1 Marriage assistance to normal persons marrying visually impaired persons Application
2 Marriage assistance to normal persons marrying locomotor differently  abled  persons Application
3 Marriage assistance to normal persons marrying Speech and Hearing   impaired persons Application
4 Marriage assistance to differently  abled  persons   marrying differently  abled  persons Application
(for Degree /Diploma holders Rs.50000 cash and 8 Gm gold coins and  others Rs.25000 cash and 8 gm gold coins)
1 Homes for the Female Intellectual affecteed persons above the age of 14 years
CSI Bala Gnar illam , Hasthampatty ,Salem
DDAWO office , Salem
2 Homes for the Male Intellectual  affecteed persons  above the age of 14 years
Karunya illam , Gorimedu, ,Salem
DDAWO office , Salem
3 Government Rehabilitation  Homes for Leporsy affected person., Deviyakurichi , Salem Phone Number 9965025341 DDAWO office ,Salem
4 Rescue for Mentally ill  Persons on streets.
Little Hearts Mentally Ill Home, C 456 Annai Perumayee Ammal Kalyana mandapam, Saravanabava Nagar Maniyanur ,Salem  Phone Number9500017716
DDAWO office ,Saelm
5 Home  for Mentally ill    Persons
Little Hearts Mentally Ill Home, C 456 Annai Perumayee Ammal Kalyana mandapam, Saravanabava Nagar Maniyanur ,Salem
Phone Number9500017716
DDAWO office,Salem
Travel concession to the differently  abled  persons  
1  Free Travel Concession  for Visually Impaired persons within the District
District Diffferently Abled Welfare Officer, Salem
2 Free Travel Concession  to   differently  abled persons  from residence to schools , colleges and hospitals
District Diffferently Abled Welfare Officer, Salem
3 75 %  travel concession  in state owned transport corporation , Mofussil buses
National Identity Card Xerox to be handeover to the conductor at the time of travel.
DDAWO office, Salem
4 75 % travel concession to severely affected persons with escort
National Identity Card Xerox  and escort medical certificate form to be handeover to the conductor at the time of travel.
Other schemes
1 Registration of complaints under persons with disabilities act, 2016 Director for Welfare of  the Differently Abled Person, Kamarajar Salai, Cheennai 600 005.
2 Appointment of Legal guardians to special categories of differently  abled  persons  under National Trust  Act, 1999.
Intelectual Disability, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Disability persons with above 18 years to be apply online.
Conatact::  Ecomwel Orthopaedic centre ,  Near RC church ,Tharamangalam, Salem.Ph 9443251703 and District Diffferently Abled Welfare Officer, Salem.


3 Appointment of Limited  guardians  for  severely affected persons  categories not covered under  National Trust  Act, 1999.    Conatact::  District Diffferently Abled Welfare Officer, Salem. Application
4 State awards  by Govt. of Tamilnadu  on International  Differently Abled Day for the service of  Diffently Abled persons Application
5  Govt. of India  National Award   on International  Differently Abled Day  for the service of  Diffently Abled persons Application
6 State awards on Independence day  for the service of  Diffently Abled persons Application
7 Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance scheme upto Rs.5.00 lakhs
No income limit for differently abled persons family and Health Insurance can used for whole diferently Abled persons family.
Contact room no 114 , collector campus, salem
8 Rs.31250 subsidy for purchase of petrol scooters by  the differently abled working women
Tamilnadu differently abled welfare board schemes
1 Accident death relief for differently  abled   up to Rs.100000.00 Application
2 Accident relief   causing disabilities up to Rs.25000.00 Application
3 Financial assistance to meet the funeral expenses of a differently abled persons upto 17000.00 Application
4 Scholarship to son and daughter of differently  abled  persons          Rs 1000 to Rs.6000.00 Application
5 Marriage Assistance   Rs.2000.00 Application
6 Assistance for delivery / miscarriage of pregnancy / termination of pregnancy to female differently abled person. up to Rs.6000.00 Application
7 Reimbursement for purchase of spectacles for visually impaired persons  Rs. 500 Application