NIC District Centre

NIC, East Godavari District Centre was established in 1988, with an aim to provide informatics services to the District Administration in planning and development though it was a tough task initially to motivate the officials to adopt computer culture. Another NIC Centre was established at Rajahmundry in 1997 with a view to provide effective services to the dialup users and departments located in Rajahmundry. Rajahmundry is in the Chennai to Howrah main Railway line and is 65 Kms far away from District head quarters, Kakinada. Presently the services from this center are discontinued.

NICNET has become an indispensable tool for the district Administration within a short period. Even Since its inception, NIC District Center East Godavari District at Kakinada has carried out Software Development and Some of the major projects accomplished by NIC.

NIC, East Godavari District Centre taking up the Software development of the various modules as per the local needs based on the requests received from District Administration, from Other State and Central Government offices. Apart from Implementation, Technical Support and other day to day activities the following software modules were developed since last 2 years. The developed software modules are as follows

  • Water Tax Demand Generation System
  • Court Case Monitoring System (CCMS)
  • Online Progress card for Government School Students
  • Collector Dash Board
  • Election 2014
  • Godavari Maha Pushkaralu
  • Special Grama Panchayat
  • SMS Service (NIC SMS Gateway Integration)
  • Parishkaram (Call Centre and Voice Call Recording Facilities)
  • PMS (Petition Monitoring System)
  • Convergence
  • District Blind Control Society
  • EG Police Web Site
  • Blood Bank Web Application and Mobile APP
  • Janani Suraksha Yojana
  • Land Bank LR22A/LR 6A Notifications Online
  • Rice Sale (RMMIS)
  • Skill Development Registration Management System
  • Swatch Sankalap Villages
  • UNICEF Program Coordinator Recruitment
  • Annavaram Devastanam Web Site
  • Online Aqua Culture System
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking System (DM&HO)
  • Prothsaham
  • Online Sand Monitoring System
  • Electro Roll Generation for Grama Panchayat Casual Vacancies 2016

All the above said applications were locally developed at NIC-East Godavari District by DIO/ADIO. Among the above said Applications few applications such as Godavari Pushakaram Web Site, Annavaram Devastanam Web site are district specific. But most of the applications can be replicated in other districts of Andhra Pradesh. The details of such applications are as follows.

Water Tax Demand Generation System

As per the request from District Collector and as per the subsequent administrative approval given by ‘CCLA’, we have started development of web based water tax generation module. The crucks of the application is to fetch the Survey Numbers Data and Year Wise Pahani/Adangal Data from webland database through web services. The revenue village wise survey numbers are being fetched and stored at local database, survey number and year wise Pahani/Adangal/Crop Data is also being fetched and being stored in the local database.

Once all the required fetched and locally stored. The Survey Number wise irrigation source mapping is being done. If any crop data is missing due to non-capturing, those details also being updated, Arrears entries being updated and finally Katha Wise Water Tax Demand is being generated for Current Fasli. Once the Generation of Water Tax is completed, the demands will be served and the water tax collection part will be taken through ‘MEE SEVA’ Service.

Collector’s Dash Board

As per the request from Collector East Godavari District we have developed a web based application monitoring of various tasks being performed by different departments. The Application is named as ‘Collector’s Core Dash Board’. This web application works as Threshold for monitoring all the task, works and developmental activities being taken place in the district. Department Wise Performance Indicators are being shown in the form of the different types of Live Graphs. Seamless integration with various department databases was done in this application. Excel File uploading facility was also been provided.

This application became very useful tool to the District Administration for monitoring the various tasks being performed by various departments. The District Collector shown his at most satisfaction and appreciated the efforts of NIC District. The presentation of the Application was also done at Collector’s Conference held in presence of Honourable Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Court Case Monitoring System (CCMS)

Developed a Software Module for Monitoring of various courts cases pending Apex Courts, Tribunals, High Courts and NRHM, SHRMS. The Web Application became very useful tool to district administration monitoring various court cases from time to time. The counter filing status, Para Wise Remarks sent status, Disposal Status, Contempt Status, Appeal Status of each can be known from the web application. It makes alert to respondent about next hearing dates. The liaison officer is having the provision to enter the next hearing dates, disposal status and appeal status of each case. Provision has been provided for entering the interim judgements of each case.

Online Progress card for Government School Students

As per the request for Collector East Godavari District and as per the request for District Educational Officer, we have developed a web based application entering the examination wise, class wise and student wise marks entry. Student Master Entry, School Master Entry, Class Master Entry, Examination Master Entry other Master Entry Page as per the requirement were developed. We have also developed marks entry transaction screens. We have developed district wise marks dissemination report, division wise marks dissemination report, Mandal wise marks dissemination report, School wise marks dissemination report, subject wise pivot reports, student wise marks pivot reports, subject wise marks pivot report and other required abstract reports were developed. Bar Chart based Progress card and Pi-chart based Attendance reports have been added and entire application is re-vamped with different new parameters such as medium wise unique admission number

This application became very useful to Education Department for monitoring the examination wise marks obtained by students in Government Schools. East Godavari District Stood as State Topper in 10th class pass percentage in the examinations held in March, 2014. A Presentation of this Module was given to then there Union Minister for HRD for replication of the software in various Government educational institutes located throughout the County.

District Police Web Site

As per instructions from Ministry of Home, Government of India and as the request from Superintendent of Police, East Godavari District, a Web Site was developed for the benefit of General Public. Videos about various Crime Alerts were also accommodated in the website for the benefit of general public. District Police Information, Good Detections, Crime Awareness and Contact Numbers of District, Divisional Level, Mandal Level and Even Stations Level Officials were disseminated. Google Charts Services were integrated in Website for displaying the Dynamic Organization Structures of District, Divisional Level Police Offices.

Blood Bank & District Blind Control Web Applications

As per request from District Medical and Health Officer, East Godavari District, a Web application was developed for the Monitoring the various Blood Stocks availability status at various Blood Banks located around the District. This application is very useful application for District Administration, District Medical and Health Officials and even for the general public. Each Blood Bank Wise, each blood group wise blood units’ availability reports were disseminated. Activities of Each Blood Bank can be monitored by the district Administration and Medical and Health Official using this web application.The Blood Units availability of various blood groups can be known using this Mobile on single Click.

As per the request from District Collector and Co-ordinator District Blind Control Society, A web based application is developed for monitoring the performance and activities of District Blind Control Society. Schedule of Cataract Operations to be performed on the district by various agencies can be known from the web module. Targets, Achievements and statistics pertaining to Cataract Operations and Other Operations related to EYE deceases can be known from the wed module. This is one of most useful application developed for the benefit of citizen of East Godavari District. And the application is being widely used by the district administration, medical and health department and even by the common citizen.

Skill Development Registration System(SRDH Aadhaar Web Services Integrated)

As per the request for Collector East Godavari District we have developed a web application for “Skill Development Registration Programs”. This web application contains different modules such as candidate’s registration, online application for skill development under various categories. Reports Dissemination Modules. State RDH Aadhaar Demographic services were integrated with this web application. All the basic details including photo of the candidates were being taken from Aadhaar Database through SRDH Services. Candidate’s District Nativity was also confirmed and restricted to East Godavari District using Aadhaar Demographic Services.

This application became very useful tool to educated unemployed youth of East Godavari District. Unemployed Youth of East Godavari District enrolling themselves in the portal. One time Registration is enough and the unemployed youth can apply for various skill development courses being sponsored the district administration from time to time.

Recruitment Management System(SRDH Aadhaar Web Services Integrated)

As per the request for Collector East Godavari District we have developed a web based application accepting online applications from applicants for various posted to be filled in various departments. The Web Application was incorporated with all the recruitment rules specified by the department and was successfully launched.

The list of the Online Applications accepted for Recruitments are as follows

  • Recruitment Management System of Social Welfare Schools
  • Disable Welfare Department 2016 and 2017
  • Horticulture Department
  • Revenue Department (ST/SC Backlog Posts)
  • Medical and Health Department
  • NTR Viday Mitra
  • UNICIEF Program Coordinators
  • Recruitment of Ophthalmologists for District Blind Control Society
  • Multi-Purpose Horticulture Extension Officers Phase -I,II,III.
  • Data Entry Operators Recruitment for Departments of Jails

This application became very useful tool to Social Welfare Department and they could able to generate the Post Wise, Cadre Wise Provisional Merit Lists and Final Merits in the stipulated time. All the Roster Points and said reservation rules were taken into consideration while generating the merit lists.


Internet / Email facilities are being used by various Govt Departments like FCI, District Industries center, Dept of Posts, Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Education, Forest, National Institute of Hydrology, National Sample Survey Organization, Medical and Health Dept etc.

Other packages include allotment of food grains, GPF s/w for Zillaparishad, PMRY distribution of funds, Arms License monitoring, Rain fall Information system, Recruitment of paramedical staff for Medical and Health department, Recruitment of teachers for Education Department and Zillaparishad, Data transmission of CNAA and Pulse polio.


S.No. Name of DIO/OIC From To
1 Dr B.V.N.S. Prakasa Rao 28/03/1988 28/09/2005
2 Sri. Karrar Haider Baqri 29/09/2005 29/09/2012
3 Sri.Syed Usman 01/10/2012
4 Sri Ch.V.B.S.Subbarao 26/09/2005

Name of Present DIO :- Shri. Syed Usman
Email address Phone – +91-884-2378904, +91-884-2370657.