District Profile

The District is a residuary portion of the old Godavari District after West Godavari District was separated in 1925. As the name of the district conveys, East Godavari District is closely associated with the river Godavari, occupying a major portion of the delta area.

The Headquarters of the District is located at Kakinada. East Godavari District lies North – East Coast of Andhra Pradesh and bounded on the North by Visakhapatnam District and the State of Orissa, on the East and the South by the Bay of Bengal and on the West by Khammam District of Telangana State and West Godavari Districts.

Area of the District is 12,805 Sq.Kms including newly added Yetapaka Division. The District is located between Northern latitudes of 160 30′ and 180 20′ and between the Eastern longitudes of 810 30′ and 820 30′. It has a population of 52.86 lakhs as per 2011 Census. The District consisting of 7 Revenue Divisions viz., Kakinada, Rajamahendravaram, Peddapuram, Rampachodavaram, Amalapuram, Ramachandrapuram and Yetapaka.