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Heritage Vital
Tharamangalam Kailasanathar Temple (¾¡ÃÁí¸Äõ ‚ ¨¸Ä¡„ ¿¡¾÷ ¾¢Õ째¡Å¢ø)
Tharamangalam is famous also for its beautiful and historic Kailasanathar Temple. The exquisite stone carvings of the Yaali (Mythological Dragon) having a stone ball inside its mouth- you can put your finger inside and rotate that ball- all made of stone. 30 km from Salem. This temple is noted for sculptural works. There are statue of Rathi and Manmadhan; from the statue of Rathi we can see manmadhan. But Rathi is invisible if you look at from the statue of manmadhan. Another important feature of this temple is the place from where lord Rama attacked Vali in disguise we can see Vali from the spot of Rama; but we can’t see Rama from the place of Vali. In those days important documents were placed in the under ground portion of the temple. Recently a lingam has been consecrated for the welfare of the devotees. This lingam is called Pathala Lingam. If the childless people worship they will get child; unmarried people will get married. This is the holy place where lord Mahavishnu gave her sister Sivakami Sundari as a gift to Kailasanathar. He gave by pouring water in the hands of kailasanathar – "¾¡¨Ã Å¡÷ò¾¡÷" (Tharai Vaarthar). So this place is known as- "¾¡ÃÁí¸Äõ" (Tharamangalam).
Tharamangalam Kailasa Nathar Temple
Every year on February 21, and the consequent 3 days, a great architectural wonder occurs in the temple. During Sunset, the rays of the sun travels down through the front Gopura which is also the entrance gate and through a small hole in the nandi sanidhanam and travels across the front plane to fall directly onto the sivalingam. The movement of the sun beam can be witnessed as it progresses across the whole front area just like a beam of light. The yellow light of the sun makes the lingam glow. In the temple there is a tunnel which joins any temple in Amaragunthi, which is almost 2km from tharamangalam. Right now the tunnel is close because of the security reason.
Mariamman Temple (§¸¡ð¨¼ ‚ Á¡¡¢ÂõÁý ¾¢Õ째¡Å¢ø)
Arulmigu Kottai Mariamman Thirukoil was built during the period of chera kings, as the present salem distric then belongs to Chera Nadu. Mariamman is a Hindu goddess, an incarnation of Shakti. The Mariamman Temple, known as Kottai Periya mari is the guardian deity of Salem Fort during the Pre-British period. This is the oldest temple in Salem. The Kottai Marriamman temple is very famous not only in Salem but throughout Tamil Nadu.
Kottai Mariamman Temple
Azhagiri Nadha Swami Temple (§¸¡ð¨¼ ‚ «Æ¸¢¡¢ ¿¡¾ ŠÅ¡Á¢ ¾¢Õ째¡Å¢ø)
Azhagiri Nadha Swami Temple popularly known as "Kottai Perumal Koil", located at the heart of the city. The temple has been built centuries ago and has some beautiful sculptures. "¨ÅÌñ¼ ²¸¡¾º¢" (Vaikunta Ekadasi)- is the most famous festival in the temple, and on that day, lakhs of devotees visit the temple. In this temple, other festivals such as Brahmotsavam, Pavithrotsavam, Navarathri, and Puratasi are celebrated at good spirit. Thousands of devotees throng the temple during these days. "¬ñ¼¡û ¾¢Õì¸ø¡½õ" (Aandaal Thirukalyanam)- is a famous utsavam in the temple for which a special garland is brought from Sri Villi Puttur- "ÝÊì ¦¸¡Îò¾ ͼ÷ Á¡¨Ä"(Soodi Kodutha Sudar Malai).
Sugavaneshwarar Temple (͸ŧɊÅÃ÷ ¾¢Õ째¡Å¢ø)
The Sugavaneshwarar temple is also a very important shrine of Salem. Mythology records that sage Sugha Brahmarishi (͸ ôËÁ Á†¡¢„¢) worshiped the lord here. Arunagirinadhar («Õ½¸¢¡¢ ¿¡¾÷) has sung a song on Lord Muruga in Sugavaneshwarar temple. It was constructed during 13th Century by the Greate King Sundara Pondiyan (Á¡ÁýÉý Íó¾ÃÀ¡ñÊÂý).
Kandashramam Temple (¸ó¾¡ŠÃÁõ ¾¢Õ째¡Å¢ø)
Kandashramam is situated 10 km from Salem City towards Chennai highway. A temple complex, constructed between the years 1970 and 1971 by Santhanandha Brahmendhra Sarasvathi Adhyavadhutha Swamy. It is situated on the extreme northern end of the Jarugu Malai mountain on the banks of stream called Kannimar Odai and is dedicated to three deities: Murugan as Skandha Guru, Lakshmi as Ashtabuja Mahalakshmi (Eighteen Armed Great Lakshmi) and parvathi as Dhurga Paramesvari. Kandashramam houses statues of unique and vital gods. It has the statues of Panchamukha Anjaneya, Panchamukha Vinayagar, Swarna Bhairavar, Dhanvanthri, and others.
Kandashramam Temple
Oothumalai Sri Sathya Narayana & Sri Bala Muruga Temple (°òàÁ¨Ä ‚ ºò ¿¡Ã¡Â½ý, ‚ À¡Ä ÓÕ¸ý ¾¢Õ째¡Å¢ø)
Oothumalai is situated 6 km from Salam. It is found in Tamil Nadu (India) state, in Trichy Main Road Focused at Oothumalai Pilgrim hill. It has special features as Sri Sathya Narayana Temple which is present on hills, similarly not found anywhere in Tamil Nadu. Oothumalai hill also has the feature of Swami Muruga Temple. In this hills, the sithar’s like Agathair, Pambatti Sithar, Bogar and many others made meditation to get grace from the god.
Oothumalai Temple
Ariyanoor 1008 Lingam Temple («¡¢Â¡ë÷ 1008 Ä¢í¸ º¢Å¡ÄÂõ)
This temple is under the control of a private sector of the Vinayaga Mission. This temple has been located upon the small hill at Ariyanoor which contains 1008 Lingam with Nandi.
1008 Lingam Temple
Elampillai Sidheswarar Temple (þÇõÀ¢û¨Ç º¢ò§¾ŠÅÃ÷ ¾¢Õ째¡Å¢ø)
Sidheswarar Temple is popularly known as "Sitthar Koil" and also home to the heritage temple of salem, which is located about 12 km from the city on the way to Ilampillai. Kalangi siddhar is one among the eighteen Tamil Siddhas. There is one temple dedicated to this, Siddha at the foot of Kanja Malai. Perennial wells and small reservoirs and waterfalls are there around this temple. It is beloved that bathing in the water of these wells and falls will cure any disease. On new moon day and full moon day special poojas are offered.
Elampillai Siddheswarar Temple
Ayodhyapattanam Kothanda Ramar Temple («§Â¡ò¾¢Â¡Àð¼½õ §¸¡¾ñ¼ áÁ÷ ¾¢Õ째¡Å¢ø)
The beautiful Kothanda Ramar temple has located 10 km away from city. A suburban town on the eastern end of Salem City. It is supposed to have been named after Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama who is believed to have stayed here on his way from Sri Lanka at the end of the war with the demon king Ravana. Ayodhya was not only the birthplace of Lord Rama and therefore sacred to the Hindus, but was also sacred to the Jains and Buddhists. It was the birthplace of Rishaba, Ajitha, and other Jain theerth-ankarars. It was the place where the celebrated Toothbrush tree of the Buddha grew. The naming of this village may possibly have roots in the local Jain Buddhist traditions, not just the Hindu epic, Ramayana. It contains a beautiful Vishnu temple dedicated to Kothandaramar.
Ayodhyapattanam Ramar Temple
Aragalur (¬Ã¸æ÷)
Aragalur is located approximately 21 km from Attur, it has two old temples and a large Buddha statue. It holds an one-day Car festival in summer inviting a host of devotees in the region.
Uthamasozhapuram (¯ò¾Á §º¡ÆÒÃõ)
“City of Utthama Chozha”, a small town on the Thirumanimuthu Aru. Temples dedicated to Azhagiri Perumal and Mari Amman. In 1854, when the Perumal temple fell into ruins, the deities were removed to the Karapura Nathar Kovil. The deities returned home after the temple was rebuilt in 1865.
Other Important Places (À¢È Ó츢 þ¼í¸û)
There is Shri Hanuman Ashram popularly known as "Sri Baktha Varaprasadha Anjaneyar Ashram", located at the heart of the salem city. Shri Hanuman also known as Shri Anjaneyar is enshrined in this Ashram. Shri Hanuman Jayanthi; Shri Ramanavami and New Year celebrations are most famous events in this Ashram. The most important practice in this Ashram is, reciting Sundara Kandam of Ramayana, the most famous epic of India. The popular belief is that, Shri Hanuman is ardently listens to all the devotees while they recite the Sundara Kandam and blesses all the deveotees as well. A Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama is located in Salem. It was started in 1928 and made a branch of the mission in 1941. A relatively new ISKCON ashram is also present at Salem. There is a "Lord Narashimha Temple" in Vaikalpattarai and a "Raghavendhra Brindhavan" in Kannankuruchi.
All parts of Salem are covered by mosques. Jamia Masjid in Bazaar St, Melatheru and Keelatheru Mosques in Fort, mosques near railway junction and new integrated bus terminal, mosques in Ammapet, 5 Roads and Gugai are the famous one.
Infant Jesus Church is situated at Four Roads, Salem. In 1930, the city was made the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salem. The Bishop is Sebastianappan Singaroyan and the cathedral is the Infant of Jesus Cathedral. Also, Eden Gardens School near Gandhi Road area has an attached prayer hall which functions as LEF.

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